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​The Once in a Lifetime HD project is run by Tel Aviv University students who take part in the StandWithUs Fellowship Program. StandWithUs is an international organization dedicated to promoting peace by educating about the Middle East conflict.

Over the past two years, the “Once in a Lifetime” program has brought leading bloggers from around the world to Israel aiming to utilize social networks to share personal impressions of Israel with hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. This year, with “OnceinaLifetimeHD,” we have chosen to use the Instagram platform; a popular photo editing and sharing smartphone application.

On September 2012, 10 leading Instagram users from the U.S, Holland, Germany and France have been chosen to join us on a Once in a Lifetime experience - sharing Israel through their lens, reaching over 2 million people worldwide.

Thanks to our generous sponsors and amazing participants, the project was a great success. Over 500 spectacular photos have been posted up to date, receiving thousands of likes each and high engagement rates.

The photos on this site were taken during the project and are the property of OnceInALifetimeHD and the photographers. please do not make use of them without approval


A StandWithUs Voluntary Project

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